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Being humiliated is one thing for a poor slave. It’s just one of those things you have to put up with if you don’t want to annoy your Mistress to the point where she punishes you or, worse, sends you away and you never see her again.

Femdom 101 is the use of humiliation. Degrading and forcing their slaves to be embarrassed and have their faces burn red with shame is the perfect way for a Domina to show who is in control and to instil in the sub’s mind that she can do whatever she wants to him. She can either force him to humiliate himself or do it for him, in which case he will simply have to accept, tolerate, and deal with it.
Any good Dominatrix has a twisted, sadistic mind that is constantly devising new ways to humiliate their subs. The more original you are, the better. To humiliate him is all well and good, but to be a truly effective Domme, you must not only have a dominant personality and the ability to torture him with heartless efficiency, but you must also have a sense of humour to enjoy the sight of your slave doing whatever you force him to do.
To the average person, this may appear absurd. “Fun? Isn’t it supposed to be enjoyable?” It’s clearly for her, so she’ll need a sense of humour to enjoy what she’s doing to him. Her cruel smirking as his cheeks burn bright red with shame, as well as her cackling laughter and sadistic laughter, will burn into his brain.
You’ve come to the right place if you’re a submissive looking for humiliation at the hands of a cruel Dominatrix who will completely and utterly degrade you with no regard for how you’ll feel. This live femdom cams site has the best selection on the internet, and no matter what your ideal Goddess looks like, you’ll find it right here.
Each of them has the qualifications and skill set to completely humiliate and degrade you to within an inch of your life. They have the knowledge to devise various methods to embarrass you for their amusement.
Are you a sub looking for a Mistress like this? DO YOU WISH TO BE HUMILIATED BUT ARE UNSURE HOW? Looking for a starting point to which you can potentially add your own spin? We’ve compiled a list of humiliating slave tasks for you to try or adapt to your own preferences.

  • Attempt to lick the toilet seat. As if scrubbing the toilet with your tongue wasn’t bad enough, she’ll force you to do it. She’ll force you to lick the porcelain bowl while towering over you, possibly with her foot on your back and a collar and lead around your neck. If that’s too much for you, she might suggest using a toothbrush instead.
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  • Put a diaper on. You are no longer using the restroom and are wearing a diaper. You can beg, plead, and grovel to use the restroom, but she will smirk and make you wet your diaper before forcing you to sit in it.
  • Minor penis embarrassment Female dominance and sph complement each other like salt and vinegar. Almost all male slaves will be ruthlessly mocked by having their cock size measured, compared to small objects such as baby carrots, laughed at, or have her wiggle her pinky finger at you.

You’ve been taken advantage of. You are not a man who can satisfy your ideal woman. You just don’t do it for her no matter how hard you try or how much you want it, so imagine how degraded you’ll feel as she fucks another man right in front of you and makes it clear that it’s because you’re not man enough for her – locked in chastity. Your cock will be imprisoned inside a chastity, and she will become your online chastity keyholder, controlling all of your orgasms. They are now hers, and you will be completely humiliated and degraded as you grovel and beg for permission to cum.

Put on women’s underwear. It’s bad enough that you’re naked in her presence. It’s even more humiliating to be forced to wear women’s underwear, especially for heterosexual men. Walking around in skimpy panties or frilly knickers will be humiliating – Splosh. Being made to stand while she covers you in custard, shoves cream cakes or plates of cream into your face, tips bowls of baked beans over your head, smears you in mustard or peanut butter, or otherwise completely covers you in messy food stuffs, possibly making you roll around in it and get you as messy as possible. She’ll have a lot of fun laughing while throwing food at you.

Cornflakes should be stuffed into your panties. As if wearing women’s underwear wasn’t bad enough, she’ll take them, stuff a packet into your knickers, cover them with a jar of honey or treacle, and force you to walk around like that. Every crunch will remind you of what she is doing to you. Worse yet, if she makes you sit!

  • Make marks all over your body. Derogatory slogans such as “wimp,” “loser,” “faggot,” or “small dick wanker” are common, but it could also take the form of “insert cock here” written on your back with an arrow pointing to your ass (or written on your face and the arrow pointing at your mouth).
  • Dancing and singing It’s not like you’re in a karaoke establishment. That’s far too simple and far from embarrassing. No, you’ll be singing “I’m a little teapot” or “Birdie Song” while priding around and singing your little heart out while she sits and laughs at you. It may not appear to be a big deal at first glance, but trust us when we say it is!
  • Masturbation in a controlled environment. You enjoy a good wank every now and then, but only in private. Imagine tucking your meat in front of your Mistress while she laughs and mocks you, especially for being a wanker who can’t get any pussy. Masturbating for sexual relief is bad enough, but doing so while putting on a show will haunt you for a long time.
  • Put on a piggy tail and a butt plug. As if having something shoved up your arse wasn’t bad enough, having one with a curly little pig tail sticking out is downright terrifying. She will also point, laugh, and snort piggy at you. – Inquire with a store employee if these panties are available in your size. Public humiliation is a popular fantasy. When you go shopping, look for a young cute salesperson and bring the prettiest, frilliest panties to her, asking if they come in your size.

– Suck a cum over a dildo. If you haven’t cum in a long time, you must ejaculate all over a large dildo and then give it a long blowjob to clean your mess off it. This works so well because you no longer feel horny after ejaculating, so fellating a dildo and cum eating instructions will be a chore for you.

A gold shower. Being pissed on is the ultimate humiliation. She will force you to lie on your back with your mouth open or gagged shut, then straddle you with one foot on each side and pee all over your chest, stomach, and face.

  • A pillow should be humbled. You’re not going to enjoy your sexual release. Like a dog, you will hump a pillow across the floor. Hands are not allowed.
  • She should lower her leg. Worse, she’ll sit cross-legged while you lean into her shin, then desperately try to get off by rubbing your hard on against her boot or stockings. As if supervised masturbation wasn’t bad enough!
  • Poop while sitting. Real men get up to pee. You are not permitted to stand because loser beta males pee like women and little girls. You must now take a seat to urinate.
  • Make you go outside naked. All the way to the garden’s end and back. Say it several times if she wants you. You will be terrified of being seen or of being filmed and uploaded to the internet.
    That’s it: a list of humiliating and degrading experiences for both webcam slaves and real-time slaves. Is there anything in particular that piques your interest? Is there anything you’ve always wanted to try? Or something you thought was worth a shot but needed a little tweaking? If so, there are hundreds of Mistress cams Dominas online right now waiting for you. Join the group, then enter the private session area to experiment with any of these scenarios or anything else you can think of. You can also give the Mistress a brief outline of what you want to try and then let her sadistic mind add her own twist to it.
    What exactly are you waiting for? What are you waiting for? An almost infinite number of Dominatrix and Mistress webcam hosts await you now, all desperate to get their claws into a weak, snivelling little male slave like you and humiliate him for their own personal amusement, so what are you waiting for? Join now and you’ll be able to watch live femdom webcams in less than two minutes.